Additional Photos
Applegate Deer Farm

The brewer’s spent grain is a source of protein for the red deer.

Each week Edgar drives to Sebago Brewing

Company in Gorham to acquire a load of the brewer’s spent grain.

The Dolbecs have participated in the Maine Open Farm days.

Patricia and Edgar pose for a photo with their twelve-year-old dog, Pawsy.

Edgar explains how a well-built end assembly

holds an 18’ gate without dragging.

The handling facility.

Fencing costs can prove to be extremely


Patricia Dolbec has been a Master Gardener for many years.  She is

pictured here with the high bush


Nursing time.

The post pounder is run off the hydraulics of a tractor.

Pictured is hay from the first cut.

The perimeter of the new paddock awaits fencing.

A black bear has marked its territory on the post of the new paddock.  This was confirmed by

the visitors from the USDA in


The lazy Susan that Edgar designed and built proves useful in installing the new fencing.

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