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Fourteen moveable chicken tractors grace Bob and Jane Bell’s field.  Eighty chickens are placed in each of the chicken tractor pens which protect them from the several predators in the area including coyote, fox, raccoons, and owls. The chickens are provided with water, shade, and new areas of grass when the tractors are moved with dollies to different locations throughout the field.  The chickens provide manure which fertilizes the fields. The Bells have introduced this method in association with a farmer research program through a grant with the SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program).

The dairy cows graze the fields before the chicken tractors are placed so that the optimum grass level for the chickens is reached.

Fresh chickens are available weekly from May until the end of October.  They are available frozen for as long as the inventory lasts. 

The chickens are fed certified organic grains and they are not given any growth hormones or antibiotics.

The beef animals at Tide Mill Organic Farm are raised on pasture, hay and baleage (fermented hay).  They are occasionally fed certified organic grains all without hormones or antibiotics.

Chicken feet are used for dog food and also spray painted and made into golden chicken-foot ornaments.

The Bells usually raise about twenty pigs each year.  Because it is very challenging to find certified organic piglets the Bells are only raising seven pigs this year.

The Bells raise approximately 300 turkeys each year.

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