Bio-Diesel on
The Farm
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The bio-diesel shop

at Applegate Deer Farm

Edgar Dolbec is shown speaking about the

waste vegetable oil he collects from local corner stores and restaurants.

The powerful generator (that served as the power source for a refrigerated rail car) is run by bio-diesel.

Excess storage for waste

vegetable oil.

The Dolbecs’ cars and farm equipment run on the bio-diesel that they produce.

The Dolbecs make soap

from the gylcerin.

Edgar is shown pointing to the electric water tank.  It is used to process the waste vegetable oil and other chemicals into bio-diesel.  The two

silver tanks are used in washing the bio-diesel.

The conical tank in the front of the photo is used as a mixing tank.  The large conical tank in the rear of the photo is used to make soap.  The still is between

these two tanks.  The still reclaims the methanol.

The tank on the left introduces the methanol. The center tank is the overflow for the processor.  The electric water tank serves as the processor.

Holding tanks for the waste vegetable oil.

This waste-oil boiler heats the

bio-diesel shop, Edgar’s workshop, and the Dolbec’s house.