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            Below is the wording of the plaque at the Blueberry Hill Farm:

On this site stood the original Blueberry Hill Farm laboratory facility from 1946-2004.  In 1925, James S. Wyman wrote to R.W. Chandler of the Washington County Farm Bureau urging the Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station to establish a laboratory for the purpose of production research on wild lowbush blueberries.  In 1945, legislation was finally passed in Augusta to appropriate $25,000 for the laboratory.  At the same time the industry worked to pass companion legislation establishing the Blueberry Tax law to fund expansion of University of Maine research and extension programs.  The first Blueberry Advisory Committee established by the Legislature to counsel with the University on program needs included:  Chairman A. Russell Mace, Aurora; Roy P. Allen, North Sedgwick; Fred C. Black, Rockland; Cole Bridges, Calais; Henry Kontio, West Rockport; George F. Marston, Jonesboro; and Charles A. Stewart, Cherryfield.

The original 30 acres were purchased in 1945 for $2,500.  Despite post World War II shortages of building materials and inflation the buildings were completed within a year; however total costs were $35,058 requiring Blueberry Tax funds to complete the project.  The original laboratory building served Maine well for nearly sixty years. However, due to advancing technology coupled with outdated original utilities and new regulatory requirements, industry leaders and University officials determined it was more cost effective to build a new facility than renovate the lab.

The name Blueberry Hill Farm was determined through a contest open to school children.  The first field day for growers was held in 1946, and has continued annually since.  Many dedicated researchers, farm staff, and students used this facility to conduct their field related research.  Farm superintendents and mangers were: 

                                Irvin C. Mason            1948-1971

                                Rupert Stafford            1971-1972

                                Dr. Amr Ismail             1972-1984

                                Delmont Emerson        1982-2004


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