Cozy Acres Greenhouses
  Greenhouse Energy Workshop
            February 19, 2014
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The gracious hosts for the workshop were Jeff and Marianne Marstaller.

Dr. Lois Stack, a University of Maine’s Extension Specialist in Ornamental Horticulture and a Professor in Sustainable Agriculture, organized

the Greenhouse Energy Workshop.

Claudia Lowd from Maine Rural Partners delivered a presentation entitled “A Tale of Two Audits.”

Chris Jones from USDA-NRCS delivered a presentation entitled “Financial and Technical Assistance for Energy Efficiency Available to Greenhouse Growers from NRCS’ Environmental Quality Incentive Program.”

Bev Stone from USDA Rural Development’s talk was entitled, “Could REAP Fund Your Greenhouse Energy Project?”

Rick Meinking, Business Program Manager for Efficiency Maine, delivered a presentation entitled,”Cash Incentives Available for Your Greenhouse Business.”

Stephanie Gilbert, Farms for the Future Program Administrator, spoke about the Maine Farms for the Future program.

Ken Ellis, owner of Sunset Greenhouses in Fairfield, Maine, spoke about “Energy Projects in Maine Greenhouses.”

Jeff Marstaller spoke about the goal of having a year-round greenhouse with zero emissions.

Jeff Marstaller conducted a tour of the Cozy Acre greenhouse operation.

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