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Crop ID Kit 10 samples of the  most important crops in the US and their by-products       $38.00

Animal Study

General Biology Slide Set 1and 2Provides 21 different cells from mammals to bacteria$297.00

Animal Kingdom CollectionPreserved Specimens of creatures that relate to the aquatic and terrestrial environments$250.00

Bushnell PowerView 13-12x32 Binocular  (12 pairs)Bird and Animal observations in the field$300.00

Water Monitoring

HANNA Instruments Backpack Education Test KitAll inclusive water quality kit to be used in the field$319.00

Caddis Neoprene Chest Waders 10 pairs of varying sizes $450.00

Seine 60 foot seine for sampling Marsh Stream or Farm Pond $400.00

Weather Study

RainWise2000             Wireless Solar-powered Weather Station

Keeping track of weather at school$798.00

Wireless Computer Interface ModuleSends data to computer in classroom$245.00

Weather Wise Tripode Mounting PoleHolds unit in place$50.00

Global Climate Chartused in teaching about weather        $20

Atmosphere Chartused in teaching about weather$20

Weathering Kitused in teaching about weather           $56.00

Cloud Charts set of 3used in teaching about weather$19.00

Water Cycle Simulation Model used in teaching about weather $80.00

3- Dimensional Weather Modelused in teaching about weather $89.00

Meteorology Transparenciesused in teaching about weather$79.00

Cloud Types Slide Setused in teaching about weather   $36.00

Rain GaugeRain fall measurement$36.00

Snow Depth PoleSnow fall measurement$4.00


Igneous Rock ChartA systematic arrangement of igneous rocks according to texture, composition and origin$42.00

Metamorphic Rock ChartThe intricate processes by which a parent rock or mineral is changed to two a new form     $48.00

Sedimentary Rock ChartClearly demonstrated categories of sedimentary rocks$48.00

One-Piece Open-Faced AugerUsed to collect a soil profile$200.00

Biology and Chemistry Soil Sample test KitTest soils on the FIG plot and in Gardens$92.00

Chemistry Supplies (Kitchen)

Beakers, Graduated Cylinders, FlasksUsed to measure cooking ingredients in our Kitchen$300.00

ph Test Strips (Jumbo)To test pH of cooking ingredients$13.00


Laminating system For preserving plant presses$500.00

Power Tool Combo KitUsed to build items in our greenhouse and in the field           $1,000.00

Work Boots (10 pairs of varying sizes) Some students do not have appropriate footwear for outside work$398.00

Maple Sugaring Equipment

Sap storage container 500 gallonUsed to transport sap from sugar bush to sugar shack$400.00

Audubon Society Field Guides

10 of Each Field Guide

Field Guides to Mammals                                      $120.00

Field Guides to Plants                                $120.00

Mushrooms                                    $120.00

North American Birds                $120.00

North American Fishes                $120.00

Wildflowers of Eastern America$120.00

North American Insects and Spiders                $120.00

North American Reptiles and Amphibians$120.00

North American Rocks and Minerals$120.00

North American Trees and Shrubs$120.00

Nroth American Mammals        $120.00

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