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One of the ductless heat pumps that was installed in the Micmac Farms’ retail store.

The Micmac Farms’ farm store was chosen by Maine Rural Partners as a Heat Pump Demonstration site.  Four heat pump units were installed.  According to the Maine Rural Partner’s website, “These air-to-air mini-split heat pumps offer the potential of running at 300% efficiency to transfer heat from the outside to the inside of the building.”  Prior to the installation of the units, nearly 1500 gallons of oil were burned in 2011.  With the use of the new heat pumps, a 38% reduction in heating costs was calculated for the three-month period of February through April 2012.  The heat pumps’ performance will be monitored for the next two years under a USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services Conservation Grant, and a USDA Offices of Advocacy and Outreach grant and local partners.