Old Tea Room at
Turkey Hill Farm
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The photo on the left illustrates how a bad storm blew off the end of the barn at Turkey Hill Farm in 1929.

The Eastman family was feeling the effects of the Depression at the time and Mrs. Emma Eastman decided to change her plans of having the barn turned into a living room.  Instead she arranged for the barn to be transformed into a tea room and gift shop.

The tea room catered to the wealthy visitors from

New York and Philadelphia that were staying at the

Atlantic House and the Black Point Inn.  Emma Eastman prepared the sandwiches and baked goods

and served tea and iced tea.  She baked the desserts in the old coal stove.

Mrs. Eastman also hosted several art shows in the

barn.  Some of the artists who displayed their work

included Francis O. Libby,  Eliot O’Hara, Mrs. Auberge Fogg, Josiah Tubby, Mrs. Margaret Downings Savage, Gordon Dunthorne, and Janet Laura Scott.

When Peter Eastman was asked how he thought

his parents would feel about all the changes that

have taken place at Turkey Hill Farm, he immediately

responded, “I think my father would greatly enjoy

seeing everything.  My mother might be upset

about the condition of her polished oak floors in the

barn when you consider all the trampling that has taken place in there from the feet of all those little day campers!”

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