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The Western Foothills Land Trust had the foresight to make sure that the Roberts Farm property was protected from development.  Their mission has been to work towards the conservation and protection of native ecosystems, farms, forests, watersheds, and scenic properties for both wildlife and individuals to enjoy.  In addition to Roberts Farm Preserve, Western Foothills Land Trust maintains recreational trails on Shepard’s Farm and Witt Swamp Preserves in Norway, and the Packard Trail at the Virgil Parris Forest in Buckfield.

How fortunate that the Western Foothills Land Trust was established to protect land like Roberts Farm for open space and resource protection. If you have not checked out their work with conservation easements, stewardship options, and their other preserves, it is certainly something most worthwhile.  Information about all of their projects can be found on the Western Foothills Land Trust’s website.