Tide Mill Cows
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Tide Mill Whole Milk is being carried in nine local Washington County stores and it is available at the farm.  The milk comes straight from the cow where it is only filtered and chilled.  It is a whole food that is unprocessed and nutritious.  It is not pasteurized or homogenized.

Bob Bell discussed how the number of dairy farms have dramatically declined in the Washington County area.  In 1901 there were 60,000 people raising 140,000 head of cattle.  In 2012 there are now 31,000 people with only three large dairy farms.  With their 100 to 105 cows Tide Mill Organic Farm is one of the three large remaining dairies in the area.

Aaron Bell discussed, how due to the lack of infrastructure in their location, isolated farms like Tide Mill Organic Farm face very challenging situations to obtain basic supplies and to market their goods.

Tide Mill Organic Farm is one of ten Maine family organic dairy farms in Washington, Aroostook, Penobscot, and Kennebec Counties that has their milk trucked by Schoppee Milk Transport of Holden to Smiling Hill Dairy in Westbrook for processing.  It is then distributed by Oakhurst Dairy of Portland and Crown o’ Maine Organic Co-op of Gardiner.


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