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Jane and Bob Bell

A photo of Terry and Cathy

Bell will hopefully be posted soon.

Bob Bell and his brother Terry Bell manage Tide Mill Enterprises.  Bob has a degree in animal husbandry and Terry graduated with a degree in agricultural engineering.  With their commitment to the land and a desire to leave the property in good working condition to those who come after them, the Bells have established a reputation for sound farming and environmentally-conscious harvesting practices.  They conduct both a wood harvesting operation and also a 380 acre blueberry enterprise.  In 2000 they were recognized as Tree Farmers of the Year.

Bob discussed how being a farmer encompasses

a multitude of skills.  He explained how a farmer has to be a mechanic, accountant, weatherman, environmentalist, lawyer, doctor, and marketer.

Although he expressed a love for the farm and

his work he did not hide the fact that making it

in farming was a major challenge.  He stated that

no one got rich farming and that it could often

be a struggle to pay the light bill.  Farming is a choice that his family has consciously made but it has often been difficult at times to get by.

Bob and Terry Bell have focused on sustainable wood harvesting since 2000.  Their state-of-the-art cut-to-length (CTL) wood harvesting operation, utilizes the techniques of environmentally responsible woodland management.  They harvest 450 to 600 cords per year.

CTL is a mechanized harvest system in which trees are cut, de-limbed and cut to length in the forest. CTL is a two-machine operation with a harvester cutting, and a forwarder transporting the logs to a landing area accessible by trucks.

Cody Brown has proven to be a great employee at Tide Mill Enterprises.

He helps to harvest wood and at sixteen years of age he is one of the youngest CDL truck drivers in the state of Maine!

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