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One extremely unique offering of the Spear’s Vegetable Farm are the tours with an agricultural focus that Janet Spear has led for the past ten years. In the fall of 2009, she led a group to visit Iowa farm country and that spring the destination was Italy.  This April 2013, Janet will lead tour members to Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.  In the fall, the Alberta, Canada, tour will include visits to Calgary, Banff, Edmonton, Jasper, and Legal.

Janet is a member of the Agricultural Tour Operators International, NACTA, and ASTA, and she helps plan tours for one individual or several.  She specializes in agricultural tours, but also is a certified cruise counselor.  While she sometimes plans entire tour packages, she is also available for assistance with just a portion of the necessary arrangements for a trip.

Newsletters and testimonials from tour participants can be found on the Spear’s Farm website: www.spearsfarmstand.com/Tours.htm

To contact Janet, email her at:  rwspear@roadrunner.com

Maine farmers are pictured at the John Deere Factory Tour in 2009.

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